About Lorin

I build things because sometimes I need them and can't buy them. I don't like having my effectiveness diminished because nobody manufactures that thing I need. Sustainability to me is a critical component of any rational, moral, compassionate approach to life. Once, when I was 6 years old I wandered into the focal point of a big solar concentrator that my grandfather had built. It was February near Ottawa in Canada and my wet snowsuit started to steam. It was a -10 day and the solar array could've been baking bread. Solar energy has been part of my life since then and I think that it is one of the most effective, broad sweeping solutions to poverty and in the world. Scientist at heart that I am, I am verifying that hypothesis.

Barn Bashing for Barnboard (video)


On a clear, -20 day in Ottawa, we’re busting down a barn to harvest its precious barn board. We’ll use it to clad the walls in our container house.

We’re waiting on getting shipping containers delivered. A little more site prep and a hell of a lot more research and design.

I won us a foot more space between the containers by creating a ^ shaped skylight, optimized for solar gain, of course. That’s 24sq ft more house and I think it only cost about $300 more!

Also, there is a custom storage solution under the bed. The bedframe floats and is screwed in to the studs. Underneath, there is a large floating drawer on tracks. The bed is Kingsize and there are only inches on either side, so it is accessed via the foot of the bed. I had the idea to build stairs on to the front of the drawer and have each stair be a six foot wide sock drawer not quite as elaborate but along the same lines as this lovely piece of work…

gonna have to up my carpentry skillz


Very Comfortable Offgrid Shipping Container House


Burlington 40' FEB 1

650 sq ft home with radiant floor heating, sprayfoam insulation, a woodstove, solar hot water, rainwater capturing, very little bought ‘new’, 1500 watts worth of solar panels, a composting toilet and 215 sq ft of window with good solar gain. Innovative space saving and creative solutions enabling multifunctional spaces.

We will build it!

As you can tell, I’m a little short on time.


The Plan


The Plan

Live consciously; be diligent with regards to which systems we participate in and thereby support. Call a spade a spade. Health and wellness are paramount, for us as individuals as well as for the global community. Learn, think, share, repeat. Offgrid shipping container house. A base of operations for two postmodern superheros.