The Plan

The Plan

Live consciously; be diligent with regards to which systems we participate in and thereby support. Call a spade a spade. Health and wellness are paramount, for us as individuals as well as for the global community. Learn, think, share, repeat. Offgrid shipping container house. A base of operations for two postmodern superheros.


3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Looking at the design for the shipping container home just put a HUGE smile on my face!! I think it’s fantastic!
    I recently purchased 24 acres about 25 minutes North of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) and have been doing a ton of research over the last few months to try and create something very similar myself.
    Please keep me posted on your progress. Maybe we can learn from each other as wel go.
    Good luck!

    • Hey Mike! That’s great! We’re an hour west of you and a bit south. Near Burlington. So far so good! Haven’t even been thinking about the blog until we get plumbing… We have solar panels and windows and the beginnings of plumbing! What a project!! How much did that land set you back? Near where?

      • Hey Lorin,
        I’m up in Mount Albert. More specifically a small town called Sandford Ontario. The property is owned by 2 families (myself and my business partner) and the plan is to eventually build two retirement homes on it in the next few years.
        I’ll be using solar as well. I did my 2 week certification through CANSIA last year and can’t wait to get started.
        My place won’t start until next year. We need to get the road in first and its going to be a major project since it’s just shy of 600 feet.
        I’m hoping to use three 8 x 40 x 9.5 containers staggered. Im going to create a 30 x 24 roof top deck, use gravity fed grey water and solar. I have vowed to use 100% recycled materials for the entire project (except the solar arrays, they are new).

        How much longer do you think yours will take?

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